When and what if microcomputers invaded school health education?

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Microcomputers could potentially represent the most exciting technological innovation in school health education. Both the technical capabilities and current constraints of microcomputer-based health education programs were reviewed. Based on this review the relatively economical, convenient, and educationally dynamic features of microcomputers were related to potential health education applications. However, current shortages in appropriate health education software limit the widespread utilization of microcomputers in the health education classroom. When microcomputer-based health education programs become more extensively available, the teaching of health can be revolutionized. Customized health education involving microcomputer-generated visual and auditory simulations and the dramatization of students' responses were envisioned. Furthermore, microcomputer-based health education programs that could be electronically transmitted to the 80% of American homes that will have microcomputers in 1990 will facilitate the provision of life-long and pervasive health education.

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JournalThe Journal of school health
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StatePublished - May 1983
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