Viruses in horses with neurologic and respiratory diseases

Eda Altan, Yanpeng Li, Gilberto Sabino-Santos, Vorthon Sawaswong, Samantha Barnum, Nicola Pusterla, Xutao Deng, Eric Delwart

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Metagenomics was used to identify viral sequences in the plasma and CSF (cerobrospinal fluid) of 13 horses with unexplained neurological signs and in the plasma and respiratory swabs of 14 horses with unexplained respiratory signs. Equine hepacivirus and two copiparvoviruses (horse parvovirus-CSF and a novel parvovirus) were detected in plasma from neurological cases. Plasma from horses with respiratory signs contained the same two copiparvoviruses plus equine pegivirus D and respiratory swabs contained equine herpes virus 2 and 5. Based on genetic distances the novel copiparvovirus qualified as a member of a new parvovirus species we named Eqcopivirus. These samples plus another 41 plasma samples from healthy horses were tested by real-time PCRs for multiple equine parvoviruses and hepacivirus. Over half the samples tested were positive for one to three viruses with eqcopivirus DNA detected in 20.5%, equine hepacivirus RNA and equine parvovirus-H DNA in 16% each, and horse parvovirus-CSF DNA in 12% of horses. Comparing viral prevalence in plasma none of the now three genetically characterized equine parvoviruses (all in the copiparvovirus genus) was significantly associated with neurological and respiratory signs in this limited sampling.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number942
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 14 2019


  • Bosavirus
  • Eqcopivirus
  • Equine hepacivirus
  • Equine parvovirus H
  • Horse parvovirus-CSF
  • Parvoviridae
  • Virome

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  • Infectious Diseases
  • Virology


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