Using advanced continuous simulation language (ACSL) to simulate, solve, and fit mathematical models in nutrition

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The ACSL programs (AEgis Technologies, 2000a, b) are fairly easy to use and provide a good combination of canned programming with the flexibility to do more, if one is willing to learn the language (for Fortran and m files). The manuals are fairly easy to understand but are not detailed enough. The manuals are geared toward operating the software. For the Optimize software, the best references are the Simusolv manuals (Steiner et al., 1990). ACSL also provides an interface (Open API or ACSL Server) which can be purchased separately. The interface allows compiled models to be distributed and run as independent programs with Visual Basic or C/C++. For models built with the Graphic Modeler, the interface is shareware.

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JournalAdvances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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