Usages of interferon and interferon inducers in man: The first half of 1980

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The inability to alter the course of CMV and BK papovavirus infections with systemic leukocyte interferon was expected. Higher serum levels of interferon will be required, as indicated by the studies of the in vitro inhibition of BK papovavirus. Intranasal application of interferon did not seem effective in preventing infection with respiratory viruses. Ophthalmic administrations did seem to shorten symptoms of infections with adenovirus; however, virologic studies in a similar group of patients might allow more convincing data. Studies of interferon in hepatitis B virus infections were the subject of mild controversy. Despite inability to produce long-term effects, results on the inhibition of viral markers were confirmed. The role of interferon as treatment for human malignancy will only be established during trials which are carefully controlled. Comparison to the currently accepted antitumor agents will be needed to determine efficacy and such trials have not been reported to date.

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