Understanding women's desires for contraceptive counseling at the time of first-trimester surgical abortion

Melissa Matulich, Catherine D Cansino, Kelly R. Culwell, Mitchell D Creinin

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Objective The objective was to investigate whether or not women presenting for a first-trimester surgical abortion want to discuss contraception on the day of their procedure. Study Design Between October 2012 and January 2013, an anonymous self-administered survey was distributed to women receiving first-trimester surgical abortions at four northern California family planning clinics. The survey obtained demographic information about each woman and inquired about her desire for contraceptive counseling during her appointment. Results were analyzed using both univariate and multivariable regression analyses to assess trends in responses related to desire for contraceptive counseling based on demographic and other variables. Results Of the 199 respondents, 64% reported that they did not want to talk to a counselor or doctor about contraception on the day of their abortion. About half of the women (52%) who did not want to discuss contraception indicated they already knew what they wanted for pregnancy prevention. Of the 25% who reported that they did want to discuss contraception, the most important topic desired from the counseling was identification of methods that were easier to use than what they used previously. Conclusion The majority of women seeking first-trimester surgical abortion may not desire additional information about contraception on the day of the procedure. Implications Statement This study demonstrates that a significant proportion of women may not want contraceptive counseling on the day of a planned surgical abortion.

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StatePublished - Jan 2014


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