Ultrasonic examination of the pancreas in healthy cows

Nicola Pusterla, Ueli Braun

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The purpose of this study was to describe the ultrasonographic appearance of the normal bovine pancreas and to establish reference values for healthy cattle. Ultrasonographic examinations were performed on the right side of 20 healthy cows. Ultrasonographically the body and right limb of pancreas appeared as a triangle-shaped structure associated with the liver, portal vein, right kidney, and duodenum. In comparison to normal liver, the pancreas appeared isoechoic or slightly more echogenic. The right lobe of the pancreas was evaluated from the right flank to the eleventh intercostal space, and the body of the pancreas was visualized from the twelfth to the tenth intercostal space. The left lobe of the pancreas could not be seen because of its dorsomedial location. In 9 cows, the accessory pancreatic duct was located near the right lobe of the pancreas and appeared as two parallel echogenic lines with a hypoechogenic area between them. The diameter of the accessory pancreatic duct varied from 6 to 8 mm. The pancreaticoduodenal vein was seen in 5 cows. The diameter of the pancreaticoduodenal vein varied from 3 to 4 mm. The ultrasonographic characteristics determined in this study may serve as a reference in the evaluation of cows with suspected pancreatic disease.

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JournalVeterinary Radiology and Ultrasound
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1997
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