The true cost differential between mifepristone and misoprostol and misoprostol-alone regimens for medical abortion

Mitchell D Creinin, Eliane Shore, Shyamala Balasubramanian, Bryna Harwood

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Our objective was to evaluate relative differences in direct and total (direct and indirect) costs for medical abortion regimens using mifepristone and misoprostol or misoprostol alone. We created formulas to evaluate relative differences in costs in the United States, Chennai (Madras), India, and a hypothetical developing country based on published protocols and efficacy data. Follow-up visits and suction aspiration procedures in the United States were evaluated over a range of costs. American indirect costs were estimated using earning data. Indirect costs in India and the hypothetical developing country were based on mifepristone cost differences between the United States and India. Although mifepristone costs US$83.33 for every 200-mg tablet in the United States, the actual excess cost of using a mifepristone regimen, as compared with a misoprostol-alone regimen, is only US$22 to US$32. The actual cost of a mifepristone regimen is lower than that of a misoprostol-alone regimen in India. In a hypothetical developing country, a mifepristone regimen is likely to be less expensive than regimens using misoprostol alone. Because of the higher efficacy of medical abortion regimens using mifepristone and misoprostol and the need for fewer follow-up evaluations, such regimens are less expensive or only minimally more expensive than those using misoprostol alone.

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