The IL-27 component EBI-3 and its receptor subunit IL-27Rα are essential for the cytoprotective action of humanin on male germ cells

Yue Jia, Ronald S. Swerdloff, Yanhe Lue, Jenny Dai-Ju, Prasanth Surampudi, Pinchas Cohen, Christina Wang

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Humanin (HN) is a mitochondrial-derived peptide that protects many cells/tissues from damage. We previously demonstrated that HN reduces stress-induced male germ cell apoptosis in rodents. HN action in neuronal cells is mediated through its binding to a trimeric cell membrane receptor composed of glycoprotein 130 (gp130), IL-27 receptor subunit (IL-27R, also known as WSX-1/TCCR), and ciliary neurotrophic factor receptor subunit (CNTFR). The mechanisms of HN action in testis remain unclear. We demonstrated in ex-vivo seminiferous tubules culture that HN prevented heat-induced germ cell apoptosis was blocked by specific anti-IL-27R, anti-gp130, and anti-EBI-3, but not by anti-CNTFR antibodies significantly. The cytoprotective action of HN was studied by using groups of il-27r-/- or ebi-3-/- mice administered the following treatment: (1) vehicle; (2) a single intraperitoneal (IP) injection of HN peptide; (3) testicular hyperthermia; and (4) testicular hyperthermia plus HN. We demonstrated that HN inhibited heat-induced germ cell apoptosis in wildtype but not in il-27r-/- or ebi-3-/- mice. HN restored heat-suppressed STAT3 phosphorylation in wildtype but not il-27r-/- or ebi-3-/- mice. Dot blot analyses showed the direct interaction of HN with IL-27R or EBI-3 peptide. Immunofluorescence staining showed the co-localization of IL-27R with HN and gp130 in Leydig cells and germ cells. We conclude that the anti-Apoptotic effects of HN in mouse testes are mediated through interaction with EBI-3, IL-27R, and activation of gp130, whereas the role of CNTFR needs further studies. This suggests a multicomponent tissue-specific receptor for HN in the testis and links HN action with the IL-12/IL-27 family of cytokines.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)717-730
Number of pages14
JournalBiology of reproduction
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 1 2021
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  • apoptosis
  • EBI-3
  • humanin
  • humanin-receptor
  • IL-27Rα
  • mouse
  • signal transduction
  • spermatogenesis
  • STAT3

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