The Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery for Older Children: A Need for a New Standardization

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Stratified, random sampling techniques have not been applied to data from reference samples of children administered the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery for Older Children (HRB-OC), ages 9 to 14 years old. Consequently, child neuropsychologists must be aware of the characteristics of various reference samples in order to facilitate interpretation. This article describes the characteristics of HRB-OC reference samples, namely, gender, age, intelligence, socioeconomic status, education, ethnicity, and race. Empirically documented relationships between these characteristics and HRB-OC performance also are described. Multiple sources of information, assessment data, and methods of interpretation are combined with clinical judgment to make inferences about the individual child.

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JournalDevelopmental Neuropsychology
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StatePublished - Jan 1 1994
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