The antagonism of bombesin in the CNS by substance P analogues

Anthony T. Yachnis, Jacqueline Crawley, Robert T. Jensen, Margaret M. McGrane, Terry W. Woody

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The ability of substance P analogues to inhibit the action of bombesin in the CNS was investigated using receptor binding and biological assays. The putative substance P antagonists inhibited binding to central receptors for both substance P and bombesin-like peptides. Spantide, which was the most potent analogue tested, reversed the bombesin induced hypothermia and grooming. Therefore the putative substance P antagonists may also antagonize the actions of bombesin in the CNS.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1963-1969
Number of pages7
JournalLife Sciences
Issue number19
StatePublished - Nov 5 1984
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Yachnis, A. T., Crawley, J., Jensen, R. T., McGrane, M. M., & Woody, T. W. (1984). The antagonism of bombesin in the CNS by substance P analogues. Life Sciences, 35(19), 1963-1969.