Survival after transfer of "sexed" mouse embryos exposed to H-Y antisera

K. L. White, G. M. Lindner, G. B. Anderson, Robert Bondurant

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Immunological means were used to determine the sex of mouse embryos prior to transfer to pseudopregnant recipients. Antisera to histocompatibility-Y (H-Y) antigen were prepared in adult C57BL/6 female mice by repeated intraperitoneal injections of spleen cells from males of the same strain. Eight-to 16-cell embryos were cultured in BMOC-3 alone or BMOC-3 without bovine serum albumin to which one of the following had been added: H-Y antiserum and normal guinea pig serum (NGPS), NGPS alone, normal mouse serum alone or normal mouse serum and NGPS. After 24 hr of culture, embryos were classified as either affected or unaffected. An embryo was classified as affected if degeneration of the embryo or breakdown of one or more cells was observed. A total of 1000 embryos were cultured in BMOC-3 with H-Y antiserum and NGPS (treated embryos). Two hundred and fifty embryos were cultured in each of the other four media (control embryos). Eighty-seven (9%) of the control embryos and 479 (48%) of the treated embryos were classified as affected after culture. Unaffected embryos, approximately 12 each, were transferred to pseudopregnant recipients. One-hundred forty control embryos (17%) survived to term with 67 females (48%) and 73 males (52%) born. Fifty-eight treated embryos (14%) survived to term, producing 50 females (86%) and 8 males (14%). Percentage of females from embryos cultured in antiserum was greater than for embryos cultured in any other media (P<0.001). These results demonstrate that detection of H-Y antigen on preimplantation embryos may be a useful and effective method of determining sex of an embryo prior to transfer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Issue number6
StatePublished - Jan 1 1982

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