Successfully developing a telemedicine system

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Successfully developing telemedicine systems is primarily about effective change management. The literature suggests that certain principles are likely to increase the chances of success in developing a telemedicine system. These are: (1) telemedicine applications and sites should be selected pragmatically, rather than philosophically; (2) clinician drivers and telemedicine users must own the systems; (3) telemedicine management and support should follow best-practice business principles; (4) the technology should be as user-friendly as possible; (5) telemedicine users must be well trained and supported, both technically and professionally; (6) telemedicine applications should be evaluated and sustained in a clinically appropriate and user-friendly manner; (7) information about the development of telemedicine must be shared. If telemedicine is to realize its full potential, it must be properly evaluated and the results of any evaluations published, whether the results are positive or negative. Since telemedicine is about communication with colleagues and patients across large distances, it should be possible for those involved in it to do the same with their experiences.

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