Spatial and temporal variation in the structure of the basal lamina in embryonic grasshopper limbs during pioneer neurone outgrowth

H. Anderson, Richard P Tucker

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The pioneer neurones of the embryonic grasshopper limb use the basal lamina underlying the limb ectoderm as a substratum over which to grow from the periphery to the CNS (Anderson & Tucker, 1988). In this paper we use transmission electron microscopy to describe the structure of this substratum before, during, and after the time of axon navigation. The organization of the basal lamina varies considerably in different regions and at different times of development of the embryonic limbs, and is unlike that of the fully developed limb at the time of hatching. We suggest that this spatial and temporal variation could play a role in regulating the direction of outgrowth of pioneer neurones.

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StatePublished - 1989


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