Some observations on hypothalamo-amygdaloid connections in the monkey

David G Amaral, R. B. Veazey, W. M. Cowan

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The projections of the hypothalamus to the amygdala have been studied autoradiographically in a series of eleven cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) in which injections of [3H]amino acids had been made in different regions of the caudal two-thirds of the hypothalamus. The most prominent projection arises from the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus and terminates most heavily in the medial, magnocellular division of the central nucleus. Injections confined to the ventromedial nucleus also result in labeling of the piriform cortex, the periamygdaloid cortex, the anterior amygdaloid area, the medial amygdaloid nucleus and the parvocellular divisions of both the basal and basal accessory nuclei. All these projections are bilateral (although the contralateral component is much smaller) and show evidence of a rostro-caudal topographic organization. Isotope injections that involve the caudal part of the lateral hypothalamic area label projections to the medial division of the central amygdaloid nucleus, to the medial and cortical nuclei and to the anterior amygdaloid area. When such caudally placed injections also involved the lateral mamillary nucleus, the lateral division of the central amygdaloid nucleus was additionally labeled. Although the medial mamillary nucleus does not project to the amygdala, there is evidence for a minor projection from the supramamillary region to the medial amygdaloid nucleus. The ventral tegmental area appears to project to the lateral division of the central nucleus and the medial portion of the substantia nigra has a small projection to both divisions of the central nucleus. All of these projections reach the amygdala by way of the so-called ventral amygdalofugal pathway, but at least some of the fibers that arise in the ventromedial nucleus run in the stria terminalis.

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JournalBrain Research
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 2 1982


  • amygdaloid afferents
  • hypothalamic efferents
  • hypothalamo-amygdaloid connections
  • monkey amygdala
  • monkey hypothalamus
  • nucleus
  • ventromedial

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