Sodium and calcium channels in the somatic membrane of artificially differentiated neuroblastoma cells

N. S. Veselovskii, Alla F Fomina

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Using an intracellular dialysis technique a study was made on calcium and sodium inward currents at the neuroblastoma somatic cell membrane in suspension and during the course of artificial morphological differentiation produced by raising the pH of the culture medium to 8.0-8.2. The density of sodium currents in the somata of cells cultured in the suspension averaged 7.3±0.8 μA/μF, while this value varied from 37±5.2 to 54.7±3.6 μA/μF at various stages of culture. These values equalled 1.4±0.2 and 1.1±0.2 to 2.8±0.4 μA/μF in the case of calcium currents. Reciprocal changes were produced in the density of sodium and calcium channels by altering the culture medium.

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StatePublished - Mar 1986
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