Small nucleolar RNA-derived microRNA hsa-miR-1291 modulates cellular drug disposition through direct targeting of ABC transporter ABCC1

Yu Zhuo Pan, Amy Zhou, Zihua Hu, Aiming Yu

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Multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 (MRP1/ABCC1) is an important membrane transporter that contributes to cellular disposition of many endobiotic and xenobiotic agents, and it can also confer multidrug resistance. This study aimed to investigate the role of human noncoding microRNA-1291 (hsa-miR-1291) in regulation of ABCC1 and drug disposition. Bioinformatics analyses indicated that hsa-miR-1291, localized within the small nucleolar RNA H/ACA box 34 (SNORA34), might target ABCC1 3′-untranslated region (3′UTR). Using splinted ligation small RNA detection method, we found that SNORA34 was processed into hsa-miR-1291 in human pancreatic carcinoma PANC-1 cells. Luciferase reporter assays showed that ABCC1 3′-UTR-luciferase activity was decreased by 20% in cells transfected with hsa-miR-1291 expression plasmid, and increased by 40% in cells transfected with hsa-miR-1291 antagomir. Furthermore, immunoblot study revealed that ABCC1 protein expression was sharply reduced in hsa-miR-1291-stably transfected PANC-1 cells, which was attenuated by hsa-miR-1291 antagomir. The change of ABCC1 protein expression was associated with an alternation in mRNA expression. In addition, hsa-miR-1291-directed downregulation of ABCC1 led to a greater intracellular drug accumulation and sensitized the cells to doxorubicin. Together, our results indicate that hsa-miR-1291 is derived from SNORA34 and modulates cellular drug disposition and chemosensitivity through regulation of ABCC1 expression. These findings shall improve the understanding of microRNA-controlled epigenetic regulatory mechanisms underlying multidrug resistance and interindividual variability in pharmacokinetics.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1744-1751
Number of pages8
JournalDrug Metabolism and Disposition
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 2013


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