Scholarly Activity Training During Pediatric Residency: How Well Aligned Are Program Directors and Residents?

for the Association of Pediatric Program Directors (APPD) Longitudinal Educational Assessment Research Network (LEARN) Resident Scholarly Activity Evaluation Group

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Objective: Training residents to be scholars is endorsed by leading medical education organizations. Our previous research suggests that the scholarly activity (SA) training experience is highly variable across pediatric residency programs, and residents and program directors (PDs) are generally dissatisfied. Understanding how PD and resident views align can help programs better guide resource allocation and improvement efforts. Methods: We conducted cross-sectional surveys of second and third year pediatric residents and PDs at 22 diverse US categorical programs. We compared resident and PD responses to SA training beliefs, barriers, and satisfaction by 2-proportion z tests. We used descriptive statistics to describe resident responses in relation to same-institution PD responses. Results: About 464 of 771 residents (60.2%) and 22 PDs (100%) responded. Across programs, PDs more strongly agreed that all residents should participate in SA (59% of PDs [n = 13] versus 27% of residents [n = 127], P = .002). Residents more strongly believed all residents should have protected SA time (91% of residents [n = 424] versus 68% of PDs [n = 15], P = .001). PDs more strongly perceived gaps in other resources as barriers, including lack of funding to conduct or present SA (P < .001, P = .02), lack of statistical support (P = .03), and lack of faculty mentorship (P < .001). Within program concordance was low. Conclusions: Discordance exists between PDs and residents with respect to SA participation and necessary resources, particularly, protected time. Programs must help residents identify when SA can be accomplished. Clearer national guidelines around SA training may also be necessary to reduce discordance and improve perceptions.

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StatePublished - Sep 1 2020


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