Retrospective evaluation of clinical outcome after chemotherapy for lymphoma in 15 equids (1991-2017)

Daniela Luethy, Angela E. Frimberger, Daniela Bedenice, Barbara S. Byrne, Erin S. Groover, Rachel B. Gardner, Trisha Lewis, Valerie S. MacDonald, Lauren Proctor-Brown, Joy E. Tomlinson, Kenneth M. Rassnick, Amy L. Johnson

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Background: Prognosis associated with lymphoma in horses is poorly characterized, and treatment is often palliative. Long-term outcome after chemotherapy for horses with lymphoma is not well documented. Objective: To report long-term outcome of horses with lymphoma treated with chemotherapy. Animals: Fifteen equids. Methods: Retrospective case series. Medical record search and call for cases on the ACVIM listserv for horses treated with chemotherapy for lymphoma. Results: Fifteen cases with adequate data were identified. Complete remission was achieved in 5 horses (33.3%), partial response was achieved in 9 equids (60%), and stable disease was achieved in 1 horse. Overall response rate was 93.3% (14/15). Overall median survival time was 8 months (range, 1-46 months). Nine horses experienced a total of 14 adverse effects attributable to chemotherapy. Adverse effects were graded according to the Veterinary Cooperative Oncology Group common terminology criteria for adverse events grading system (grade 1 alopecia, n = 2; grade 1 neutropenia, n = 2; grade 1 lymphopenia, n = 3; grade 1 lethargy, n = 1; grade 2 neurotoxicity, n = 1; grade 2 colic, n = 1; grade 1 hypersensitivity, n = 1; grade 2 hypersensitivity, n = 2; grade 5 hypersensitivity, n = 1). Higher grade adverse effects most commonly were associated with doxorubicin administration (n = 4), including 1 horse that died 18 hours post-administration. Conclusions and Clinical Importance: Chemotherapy can be used successfully for treatment of horses with lymphoma. Adverse effects, most commonly mild, occurred in approximately two-thirds of treated horses.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJournal of Veterinary Internal Medicine
StateAccepted/In press - Jan 1 2019
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