Results of treatment of Stage 3A Hodgkin's disease

C. G. Willett, R. M. Linggood, J. Meyer, E. Orlow, K. Lindfors, K. Doppke, A. C. Aisenberg

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From 1975 to 1981, 38 patients with Stage 3A Hodgkin's disease (35 patients pathologically staged) underwent mantle and para-aortic irradiation, and in 36 patients this was preceded or followed by at least six cycles of multiagent chemotherapy. Both the 5-year actuarial survival and disease-free survival for all 38 patients were 83%. There have been six treatment failures: two patients have relapsed within irradiated nodal groups, one patient in apical pericardial lymph nodes as a marginal recurrence, one patient concurrently infield and in unirradiated nodal groups, and two patients systemically (concurrently in unirradiated nodal groups). Of these six relapses, three patients have died of Hodgkin's disease, one patient has been salvaged, and two patients currently are under treatment for salvage. One patient has developed acute nonlymphocytic leukemia and died of this disease. Extensive disease, as estimated by the number of sites of involvement at presentation, degree of splenic involvement, extent of intra-abdominal disease or mediastinal involvement, did not reveal statistically significant prognostic subgroups for relapse. It is currently recommended that patients with Stage 3A Hodgkin's disease receive six cycles of multiagent chemotherapy and mantle and para-aortic irradiation.

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StatePublished - 1987

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