Resolution of the two loci for autosomal dominant aniridia, AN1 and AN2, to a single locus on chromosome 11p13

Leslie A Lyons, Aruna Martha, Helen A. Mintz-Hittner, Grady F. Saunders, Robert E. Ferrell

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Two distinct loci have been proposed for aniridia; AN1 for autosomal dominant aniridia on chromosome 2p and AN2 for the aniridia in the WAGR contiguous gene syndrome on chromosome 11p13. In this report, the kindred segregating for autosomal dominant aniridia, which suggested linkage to acid phosphatase-1 (ACP1) and led to the assignment of the AN1 locus on chromosome 2p, has been updated and expanded. Linkage analysis between the aniridia phenotype and ACP1 does not support the original linkage results, excluding linkage up to θ = 0.17 with Z = -2. Tests for linkage to other chromosome 2p markers, APOB, D2S71, D2S5, and D2S1, also excluded linkage to aniridia. Markers that have been isolated from the chromosome 11p13 region were then analyzed in this aniridia family. Two RFLPs at the D11S323 locus give significant evidence for linkage. The PvuII polymorphism detected by probe p5S1.6 detects no recombinants, with a maximum lod score of Z = 6.97 at θ = 0.00. The HaeIII polymorphism detected by the probe p5BE1.2 gives a maximum lod score of Z = 2.57 at θ = 0.00. Locus D11S325 gives a lod score of Z = 1.53 at θ = 0.00. These data suggest that a locus for aniridia (AN1) on chromosome 2p has been misassigned and that this autosomal dominant aniridia family is segregating for an aniridia mutation linked to markers in the 11p13 region.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)925-930
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Issue number4
StatePublished - 1992
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