Reliability of OperaVOX against Multidimensional Voice Program (MDVP)

M. Mat Baki, G. Wood, M. Alston, P. Ratcliffe, G. Sandhu, J. S. Rubin, M. A. Birchall

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Objective: To evaluate the agreement between OperaVOX and MDVP. Design: Cross sectional reliability study. Setting: University teaching hospital. Methods: Fifty healthy volunteers and 50 voice disorder patients had supervised recordings in a quiet room using OperaVOX by the iPod's internal microphone with sampling rate of 45 kHz. A five-seconds recording of vowel/a/was used to measure fundamental frequency (F0), jitter, shimmer and noise-to-harmonic ratio (NHR). All healthy volunteers and 21 patients had a second recording. The recorded voices were also analysed using the MDVP. The inter- and intrasoftware reliability was analysed using intraclass correlation (ICC) test and Bland-Altman (BA) method. Mann-Whitney test was used to compare the acoustic parameters between healthy volunteers and patients. Results: Nine of 50 patients had severe aperiodic voice. The ICC was high with a confidence interval of >0.75 for the inter- and intrasoftware reliability except for the NHR. For the intersoftware BA analysis, excluding the severe aperiodic voice data sets, the bias (95% LOA) of F0, jitter, shimmer and NHR was 0.81 (11.32, -9.71); -0.13 (1.26, -1.52); -0.52 (1.68, -2.72); and 0.08 (0.27, -0.10). For the intrasoftware reliability, it was -1.48 (18.43, -21.39); 0.05 (1.31, -1.21); -0.01 (2.87, -2.89); and 0.005 (0.20, -0.18), respectively. Normative data from the healthy volunteers were obtained. There was a significant difference in all acoustic parameters between volunteers and patients measured by the Opera-VOX (P < 0.001) except for F0 in females (P = 0.87). Conclusion: OperaVOX is comparable to MDVP and has high internal consistency for measuring the F0, jitter and shimmer of voice except for the NHR.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)22-28
Number of pages7
JournalClinical Otolaryngology
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 1 2015

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