Radiomics for Response and Outcome Assessment for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Liting Shi, Yaoyao He, Zilong Yuan, Stanley H Benedict, Richard K Valicenti, Jianfeng Qiu, Yi Rong

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Routine follow-up visits and radiographic imaging are required for outcome evaluation and tumor recurrence monitoring. Yet more personalized surveillance is required in order to sufficiently address the nature of heterogeneity in nonsmall cell lung cancer and possible recurrences upon completion of treatment. Radiomics, an emerging noninvasive technology using medical imaging analysis and data mining methodology, has been adopted to the area of cancer diagnostics in recent years. Its potential application in response assessment for cancer treatment has also drawn considerable attention. Radiomics seeks to extract a large amount of valuable information from patients' medical images (both pretreatment and follow-up images) and quantitatively correlate image features with diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes. Radiomics relies on computers to identify and analyze vast amounts of quantitative image features that were previously overlooked, unmanageable, or failed to be identified (and recorded) by human eyes. The research area has been focusing on the predictive accuracy of pretreatment features for outcome and response and the early discovery of signs of tumor response, recurrence, distant metastasis, radiation-induced lung injury, death, and other outcomes, respectively. This review summarized the application of radiomics in response assessments in radiotherapy and chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer, including image acquisition/reconstruction, region of interest definition/segmentation, feature extraction, and feature selection and classification. The literature search for references of this article includes PubMed peer-reviewed publications over the last 10 years on the topics of radiomics, textural features, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, lung cancer, and response assessment. Summary tables of radiomics in response assessment and treatment outcome prediction in radiation oncology have been developed based on the comprehensive review of the literature.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalTechnology in cancer research & treatment
StatePublished - Jan 1 2018


  • chemotherapy
  • radiomics
  • radiotherapy
  • response assessment
  • systemic therapy

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