Radio-frequency electrocautery ablation of mammary tissue in swine

John P McGahan, Stephen M Griffey, Philip D Schneider, J. M. Brock, C. D. Jones, S. Zhan

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PURPOSE: To establish the size, configuration, and histopathologic features of acute, subacute, and chronic radio-frequency (RF) electrocautery of mammary tissue in swine. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eighteen RF treatments were performed in the mammary tissue of three domestic swine under ultrasonographic (US) guidance. Histopathologic examination was performed immediately after (acute animal); 2 weeks after (subacute animal); and 4 weeks after (chronic animal) treatment. RESULTS: In the acute animal, lesions were firm nodules on palpation and had a distinct line of demarcation between necrotic and viable mammary tissue (mean lesion volume, 14.24 cm3; largest volume, 29.06 cm3). In the subacute animal, there was diffuse coagulation necrosis with neutrophilic infiltrates at the periphery (mean lesion volume, 6.46 cm3; largest volume, 9.47 cm3), and two treatment areas had a secondary bacterial infection. In the chronic animal, lesions were still palpable and firm (mean lesion volume, 11.67 cm3; largest volume, 25.5 cm3), and five of six treatment sites had an area of gray to white fibrotic tissue that blended with the surrounding tissue. However, one site had a pale yellow area of central necrosis surrounded by a fibrotic area. In both the subacute and chronic animals, two and one treatment site, respectively, had minimal areas of skin necrosis. CONCLUSION: RF ablation of breast tissue is feasible in this animal model. Problems included minimal skin erythema, residual firm treatment regions at 4 weeks, slightly variable margins of coagulation necrosis, and occasional bacterial infection.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)471-476
Number of pages6
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2000


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  • Breast neoplasms, experimental studies
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  • Radiofrequency (RF) ablation

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