Purification and characterization of granulocytic progenitor cells (CFU-C) from human peripheral blood using immunologic surface markers

Carol M Richman, L. Chess, R. A. Yankee

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The concentration of committed granulocytic progenitor cells (CFU-C) in functionally unique subpopulations of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells has been determined by the in vitro methylcellulose assay. Using immunoabsorbent column chromatography and rosette-depletion techniques, we have demonstrated that CFU-C, although not present in either purified T or B lymphocyte populations, are highly concentrated in the 'null' cell population, which lacks sheep erythrocyte receptors and surface immunoglobulin. Further fractionation of this null subset has demonstrated that CFU-C do not bear complement receptors, but require the presence of peripheral blood mononuclear cell feeder layers for maximum proliferation.

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Issue number1
StatePublished - 1978
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