Prevalence of gastric ulcers in Thoroughbred broodmares in pasture: A preliminary report

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Gastroscopic examinations were performed in 62 Thoroughbred broodmares (33 pregnant, 29 non-pregnant) at one breeding farm to investigate the prevalence of gastric ulceration. Age, pregnancy status, race earnings, last race start, herd size, medical history, number of live foals, breeding years, feed type and number of feedings were recorded, plus coat condition and body condition score were determined. Twenty-one mares were re-evaluated after foaling, and the foaling date, foal weight at birth and placenta weight were recorded. The overall prevalence of gastric ulcers was 70.9%, with a median ulcer score of 3.0 (range: 2-5). Most ulcers were present on the squamous portion of the stomach, while two mares had glandular ulcers. There were no differences in the presence, location and severity of gastric ulcers between pregnant and non-pregnant mares. Furthermore, there were no significant associations between the variables measured and the presence of gastric ulceration. The prevalence of gastric ulceration in this specific population of horses was higher than expected and further investigation is warranted to determine the factors that contributed to this finding.

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