Pregnancy complications in twin, triplet, and quadruplet gestations

Nancy T Field, H. Hednana, B. Danielsen

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OBJECTIVE: To characterize and compare (he pregnancy complications occuring in twin, triplet, and quadruplet gestations. STUDY DESIGN: Using a data set linking birth certificates with maternal and newborn hospital discharge records from acute care civilian hospitals in California, all twin, triplet, and quadruplet gestations were identified. Specific pregnancy characteristics and the incidence of antepartnm complications were analyzed and compared among the three groups. RESULTS: The incidence of multiple gestations was 2.2% in the population of 571,390 deliveries. Hypertensive complications occurred 2.5 times more often in triplet gestations as compared to twins (17.5% vs 7.4%, p < 0.01). The incidence of gestational diabetes was 2.8%, in twin pregnancies and increased exponentially with higher order gestations to a maximum of I5.H% in quadruplets. (ANOVA, p < 0.001 ). Antepartum bleeding, preterm prematuie rupture of the membranes, and post part urn hemorrhage were not significantly increased over the rates reported in singleton gestations. Pregnancy characteristics are shown below. Twins Triplets, Quadruplets (n = n,277) (n = 382) (n = 19) Delivery fwks) 36.5 ±5.3 33.6 ±4.9 ' 33.4 JL 2.1* Binhweight (gm) 2400 ±699 1795 ±580' 1727 ±375* Maternal Icnglh 3.9 ±5.0 15.5 ±18.6* 22.3 ±21.3* of stay (days) Infant length 7.6 ± 14.3 20.4 ±22.5' 21.9 ± 10.5* of stav (days) 'p < 0.05, triplets vs (wins: *p = ns, triplets vs quadruplets CONCLUSION: Gestational age at delivery, birth weight, and infant length of stay were similar among triplet and quadruplet gestations. 1 herefoif, despite a higher incidence of certain aniepartum complications, analysis ot this data suggests that the immediate pregnanc\ outcome in quadruplet gestations is no worse than that seen in triplets.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalActa Diabetologica Latina
Issue number1 PART II
StatePublished - 1997

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