'Pop-out' method of levonorgestrel implant removal

H. C. Pymar, Mitchell D Creinin, J. L. Schwartz

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The 'pop-out' technique is a method of levonorgestrel implant removal that uses digital pressure to direct implants through a small skin incision. This technique was developed, theoretically, to cause less bruising and patient discomfort by avoiding the use of instruments. The pop-out technique is the primary method used for levonorgestrel implant removal in the Magee-Womens Hospital resident clinic. We performed a retrospective analysis of levonorgestrel implant removals performed between July 1, 1995, and December 31, 1998. Of the 168 removals included in this analysis, 38 were performed by one of two attending physicians, and 130 were performed by the residents with attending supervision. The average time for removal was 12 ± 5 min (range 2.25-27 min) when the 'pop-out' method could be used to remove all six implants, and 14 ± 7 min (range 2.25-59 min) for all removals. The removal time for residents was inversely proportional to the anticipated level of difficulty of the removal and to the number of previous removals performed. The removal time was significantly faster when residents were supervised by one of the attending physicians as compared with the other attending physician. Only 0.7% (7/1,008) of levonorgestrel implants were fragmented during removal. This review shows that the 'pop-out' method is a reasonable alternative to other proposed methods of primary implant removal. The difference in the level of expertise of the attending physician may significantly influence removal time when training clinicians in levonorgestrel implant removal. Copyright (C) 1999 Elsevier Science Inc.

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StatePublished - 1999
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  • 'Pop-out' method
  • Levonorgestrel implants
  • Removal technique

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