Piezoelectric-driven droplet impact printing with an interchangeable microfluidic cartridge

Baoqing Li, Jinzhen Fan, Jiannan Li, Jiaru Chu, Tingrui Pan

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Microfluidic impact printing has been recently introduced, utilizing its nature of simple device architecture, low cost, non-contamination, and scalable multiplexability and high throughput. In this paper, we have introduced an impact-based droplet printing platform utilizing a simple plug-and-play microfluidic cartridge driven by piezoelectric actuators. Such a customizable printing system allows for ultrafine control of droplet volume from picoliters (~23 pl) to nanoliters (~10 nl), a 500 fold variation. The high flexibility of droplet generation can be simply achieved by controlling the magnitude of actuation (e.g., driving voltage) and the waveform shape of actuation pulses, in addition to nozzle size restrictions. Detailed printing characterizations on these parameters have been conducted consecutively. A multiplexed impact printing system has been prototyped and demonstrated to provide the functions of single-droplet jetting and droplet multiplexing as well as concentration gradient generation. Moreover, a generic biological assay has also been tested and validated on this printing platform. Therefore, the microfluidic droplet printing system could be of potential value to establish multiplexed micro reactors for high-throughput life science applications.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number054101
Issue number5
StatePublished - Jan 1 2015

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