Physician training in self-efficacy enhancing interviewing techniques (SEE IT): Effects on patient psychological health behavior change mediators

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Objective: To explore how physician training in self-efficacy enhancing interviewing techniques (SEE IT) affects patient psychological health behavior change mediators (HBCMs). Methods: We analyzed data from 131 patients visiting primary care physicians ≥4 months after the physicians participated in a randomized controlled trial. Experimental arm physicians (N = 27) received SEE IT training during three ≤20. min standardized patient instructor (SPI) visits. Control physicians (N = 23) viewed a diabetes medications video during one SPI visit. Physicians were blinded to patient participation. Outcomes were self-care self-efficacy, readiness, and health locus of control (Internal, Chance, Powerful Others), examined as a summary HBCM score (average of standardized means) and individually. Analyses adjusted for pre-visit values of the dependent variables. Results: Patients visiting SEE IT-trained physicians had higher summary HBCM scores (+0.42, 95% CI 0.07-0.77; p = 0.021). They also had greater self-care readiness (AOR 3.04, 95% CI 1.02-9.03, p = 0.046) and less Chance health locus of control (-0.27 points, 95% CI -0.50-0.04, p = 0.023), with no significant differences in other HBCMs versus controls. Conclusion: Improvement in psychological HBCMs occurred among patients visiting SEE IT-trained physicians,. . Practice implications: If further research shows the observed HBCM effects improve health behaviors and outcomes, SEE IT training might be offered widely to physicians.

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JournalPatient Education and Counseling
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