Pharmacoprophylaxis of tension-type headache

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Although tension-type headache typically is not as disabling as migraine, its chronic form may significantly impair patients' functional ability. The pathogenesis of tension-type headache remains largely unknown. Compared with migraine, tension-type headache is the object of much less research. For a number of years, research on headache therapy has vastly emphasized migraine. Even cluster headache, which is far less frequent than tension-type headache, has been subject to more therapeutic trials than tension-type headache. Therefore, it is not surprising that since the advent of studies (as early as 1964) on amitriptyline, which remains a pivotal treatment choice, the number of emerging treatments for this condition remains scarce, even in 2005. This emphasizes the need for renewed interest in this field. However, alternate treatment approaches, such as botulinum toxin injections, albeit controversial, have renewed hopes lately. In addition, recent progress in the understanding of tension-type headache pathophysiology, such as the role of peripheral and central sensitization, has revived interest in the field. This is a review of available, proven, or suspected prophylactic therapies for tension-type headache.

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JournalCurrent Pain and Headache Reports
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