Pectus carinatum

Yuen Julia Chen, Shinjiro Hirose

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Pectus carinatum, "keel chest" or "pigeon chest," is a congenital chest wall disorder characterized by an anterior convex protrusion of the chest wall. The incidence of pectus carinatum is approximately 0.06 % of live births with a male predominance of 4:1 (J Pediatr Surg 22(1):48-53, 1987; Pediatric surgery, Philadelphia, 779-808, 2012). It is approximately five to six times less common than pectus excavatum (Asian J Surg 26(4):189-92, 2003; Semin Pediatr Surg 17(3):201-8, 2008) but is the second most common chest wall deformity seen in children (Curr Opin Pediatr 25(3):375-81, 2013).

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Title of host publicationSurgery for Chest Wall Deformities
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2016


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