PARP-1 deletion promotes subventricular zone neural stem cells toward a glial fate

Jennifer M. Plane, Steven K. Grossenbacher, Wenbin Deng

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Identification of critical factors involved in oligodendroglial fate specification from endogenous neural stem cells is relevant to the development of therapeutic interventions that aim to promote remyelination. Here we report a novel role of the DNA repair protein poly-ADP-ribose polymerase-1 (PARP-1) in regulating the neural stem cell profile in the postnatal mouse forebrain subventricular zone (SVZ). We observed increased expression of Sox2 and Sox10 in the SVZ of postnatal day 11 (P11) PARP-1 knockout mice. This increase corresponded to increased Olig2 expression in Sox2-positive cells of the PARP-1 knockout mouse SVZ and decreased Map2abc expression compared with Sox2/Olig2 and Sox2/Map2abc expression in wild-type mice. We noted enhanced expression of proliferating oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) at the expense of proliferating neuroblasts in the SVZ of PARP-1 knockout mice, by using Olig1/Ki67/DCX, NG2/Ki67/DCX, and PDGFR/BrdU/TuJ1 immunofluorescence labeling. In addition, the percentage of BrdU/Olig2 double-labeled cells increased in the SVZ and corpus callosum of PARP-1 knockout mice compared with wild-type mice. We also observed a decrease in DCX-positive cells without a decrease in the overall SVZ area in PARP-1 knockout mice, further indicating a switch from neuroblast to OPC fate. PARP-1 knockout mice displayed thinning of MBP expression in the corpus callosum and external capsule, suggesting that the enhanced OPC proliferation in the SVZ might compensate for deficiency in myelination. Together, our results show that PARP-1 deletion promotes SVZ neural stem cells toward a glial fate and suggest that future studies target PARP-1 as a potential therapeutic strategy for demyelinating diseases.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1489-1506
Number of pages18
JournalJournal of Neuroscience Research
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 2012


  • Oligodendrocyte progenitor cells
  • Poly-ADP-ribose polymerase
  • Subventricular zone

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