Paraquat goes to pot

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Studies of the biologic consequences of smoking marihuana to the estimated 10 to 15 million enthusiasts in the United States are clouded with controversy. The pulmonary effects of smoking 'uncontaminated' marihuana are not well understood. No studies of the effects of aerosol paraquat on experimental animals have been described in the literature. Realistic evaluations of the potential effects of burned paraquat in marihuana smoke are presently available. Despite the well-publicised crescendo of hysteria, there are as yet no authoritative case reports, epidemiologic studies, or experimental exposures of animals that could serve as a basis for making knowledgeable recommendations for policy. Further studies will be required before the authors adequately understand whether there are adverse pulmonary effects due to the inhalation of the smoke of marihuana contaminated with burned paraquat.

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StatePublished - 1978

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