Parametry bunecné imunity v materské a pupecníkové krvi ve vztahu k znecistení ovzdusí. Predbezné výsledky projektu výsledky tehotenství.

Translated title of the contribution: Parameters of cellular immunity in maternal and umbilical cord blood in relation to air pollution. Preliminary results of a pregnancy outcomes study

M. Dostál, Irva Hertz-Picciotto, G. Wegienka, J. Dejmek, V. Skokanová, R. J. Srám

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BACKGROUND: The study is a part of the project Pregnancy Outcome (Teplice Program) examining effects of polluted environment on the quality of reproduction in Teplice (high polluted) and Prachatice (control) districts. Selected parameters of cell mediated and humoral immunity in maternal and umbilical samples after delivery were assayed. METHODS AND RESULTS: Lymphocytes in 768 samples of maternal venous blood and 739 samples of umbilical blood collected in May 1994-October 1997 were phenotyped using flow cytometry. Medical and personal questionnaires were used to obtain data on clinical risk factors during pregnancy, health and life style of mothers, the course and prolongation of labour and newborn's status. The percentages of T and NK lymphocytes in both umbilical and maternal blood were associated with a number of variables, including the course of labour. After adjustment for the other predictors, the percentage of NK lymphocytes was found significantly higher in Teplice than in Prachatice samples--in both maternal and umbilical blood. CONCLUSIONS: A part of the observed difference between distribution of NK and T lymphocytes can be attributed to living in the polluted district. To see effects of polluted environment, the association of seasonal difference in levels of major pollutants with seasonal changes in lymphocyte phenotype will be analyzed.

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JournalCasopis Lekaru Ceskych
Issue number6
StatePublished - Mar 29 2000
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