Pancreatitis: unusual complications

Nirmal S Mann, A. J. Sachdev, J. F. Rose, Surinder K Mann

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The charts of 265 patients with pancreatitis were reviewed with special reference to the unusual complications (Table I). There were 224 men and 41 women; the mean age was 46.2 years. Pleuropulmonary complications were found in 28 (10.5%) of cases. Twenty patients (7.5%) were found to have pleural effusion; it was bilateral in 3 and right sided in 2 cases. The ratio urinary amylase per hour/serum amylase was 2.70 for the whole series; it was 1.01 in patients with pleural effusion. The reason for this difference is not clear but may represent sequesteration of amylase into the pleural space. Pleural fluid amylase was always much higher than serum amylase. This ratio may alert clinicians to the possibility of pleural effusion in cases of pancreatitis. Other unusual complications encountered were spontaneous splenic rupture, bowel infarction, pancreatic ascites, intramural hematoma of duodenal wall, narrowing of the colon, subcutaneous fat necrosis and peripheral arterial thrombosis. The unusual complications of pancreatitis include pleural effusion, splenic rupture, pancreatic ascites, periarthritis, subcutaneous fat necrosis, bowel infarction, narrowing of the colon, duodenal obstruction secondary to intramural hematoma. In the present study we report the details on 6 patients with the above problems and summarize the findings on 265 cases of pancreatitis with special reference to unusual complications.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationAmerican Journal of Proctology Gastroenterology and Colon and Rectal Surgery
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StatePublished - 1978
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