Ouabain sensitive liver and diaphragm respiration in cold acclimated hamster

Barbara A Horwitz, M. Eaton

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The in vitro respiratory rates of liver and diaphragm from hamsters were compared before and after prolonged cold exposure (5°C, 3-4 wk). In the presence or absence of glucose, respiratory rates were elevated in both tissues from the cold acclimated hamsters, and these coldinduced increases were significantly reduced by ouabain. This ouabain inhibition is consistent with the hypothesis that cold exposure of these rodents stimulates the energy demands of the Na+/K+ transport system in liver and diaphragm, with these demands providing a driving force, at least in part, for respiration and accompanying cellular thermogenesis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationJ.APPL.PHYS.RESP.ENV.EXERC.PHYSIOL.
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StatePublished - 1977

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