Organ injury scaling, II: Pancreas, duodenum, small bowel, colon, and rectum

E. E. Moore, T. H. Cogbill, M. A. Malangoni, Gregory Jurkovich, H. R. Champion, T. A. Gennarelli, J. W. Mc aninch, H. L. Pachter, S. R. Shackford, P. G. Trafton

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The Organ Injury Scaling (O.I.S.) Committee of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (A.A.S.T.) has been charged to devise injury severity scores for individual organs to facilitate clinical research. Our first report (1) addressed O.I.S.’s for the Spleen, Liver, and Kidney; the following are proposed O.I.S.’s for Pancreas (Table I), Duodenum (Table II), Small Bowel (Table III), Colon (Table IV), and Rectum (Table V). The grading scheme is fundamentally an anatomic description, scaled from 1 to 5, representing the least to the most severe injury. We emphasize that these O.I.S.’s represent an initial classification system which must undergo continued refinement as clinical experience dictates.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1427-1429
Number of pages3
JournalJournal of Trauma - Injury, Infection and Critical Care
Issue number11
StatePublished - Jan 1 1990
Externally publishedYes

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