Optimizing point-of-care testing in clinical systems management.

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The goal of improving medical and economic outcomes calls for leadership based on fundamental principles. The manager of clinical systems works collaboratively within the acute care center to optimize point-of-care testing through systematic approaches such as integrative strategies, algorithms, and performance maps. These approaches are effective and efficacious for critically ill patients. Optimizing point-of-care testing throughout the entire health-care system is inherently more difficult. There is potential to achieve high-quality testing, integrated disease management, and equitable health-care delivery. Despite rapid change and economic uncertainty, a macro-strategic, information-integrated, feedback-systems, outcomes-oriented approach is timely, challenging, effective, and uplifting to the creative human spirit.

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JournalClinical laboratory management review : official publication of the Clinical Laboratory Management Association / CLMA
Issue number5
StatePublished - Sep 1998

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