Noninfectious serious hazards of transfusion.

Kim Janatpour, Paul V. Holland

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Serious, noninfectious transfusion complications include transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI), transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease, anaphylaxis, hemolysis, and post-transfusion purpura. Prompt recognition and treatment are crucial, but prevention is preferable. Many transfusion reactions are not recognized as such, perhaps because signs and symptoms mimic other clinical conditions. However, any unexpected symptoms in a transfusion recipient should at least be considered as a possible transfusion reaction and be evaluated. Appropriate diagnosis is the key to treatment and may prevent additional reactions, not only in the patient, but possibly, as in the case of TRALI, in other patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)149-155
Number of pages7
JournalCurr Hematol Rep
Issue number2
StatePublished - Nov 2002

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