Needle core biopsy guided with mammography: A study of cost-effectiveness

Karen K Lindfors, C. John Rosenquist

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PURPOSE: To analyze the cost-effectiveness of needle core biopsy (NCB) in a breast cancer screening program. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A computer model was used to compare two hypothetical groups of women: those who undergo annual mammographic screening and those observed without screening. All clinically significant outcomes for each group were included in the model, which reflected the state of a woman's health each year beginning at age 40 years and ending at age 85 years. RESULTS: The marginal cost per year of life saved by screening was reduced a maximum of 23% (from $20,770 to $15,934) with use of NCB instead of surgical biopsy. The cost of NCB had less effect on cost-effectiveness than the number of women who underwent NCB. CONCLUSION: When used for the same indications as surgical biopsy, NCB substantially reduces the cost of a breast cancer screening program.

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StatePublished - Jan 1994


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