MO‐SAMS‐AUD B‐02: Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) II: Physics and Dosimetry Considerations

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SBRT of well defined extracranial targets in various anatomical locations demands special treatment planning considerations due to limitations of dose calculation algorithms in heterogeneous medium and small field dosimetry coupled with tumor/organ motion and multiple radiobiological constraints. Unlike conventional intracranial radiosurgery, SBRT treatment planning and delivery are confounded by reduced 3D physical space for beam placement due to possibility of treatment machine and patient collision as well as a multiplicity of surrounding serial and parallel architecture organs. Currently advanced treatment planning techniques with radiobiological considerations and precise image‐guided treatment delivery methods are practiced for SBRT delivery to a wide variety of tumor types. The physics and dosimetry presentation will include an overview of the available technology for SBRT with an emphasis on image guidance, Quality Assurance, and clinical implementation of SBRT. The presentation will also include site specific treatment planning techniques with considerations to accuracy of dose calculation algorithms, radiobiological issues, and physics reporting strategies. Educational Objectives: 1. Understand the issues related to the clinical implementation and technical aspects of SBRT techniques and technology and become familiar with the preliminary reporting of AAPM Task Group 101. 2. Understand the importance of QA procedures and guidelines and reporting requirements for SBRT. 3. Understand the practical aspects of SBRT treatment planning for paraspinal, lung, liver, and abdominal tumors and recognize the critical issues related to each site. 4. Understand the importance and limitations of dose calculation algorithms and heterogeneity correction methods for SBRT in various anatomical sites.

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JournalMedical Physics
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