Molecular and point-of-care diagnostics for Ebola and new threats: National POCT policy and guidelines will stop epidemics

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Introduction: US hospitals that admitted Ebola virus disease (EVD) patients mitigated risk by using point-or-care testing (POCT) for critical support in isolation units. Success proved unequivocally the need for POCT. Additionally, molecular diagnostics have been used to help stop new outbreaks, and even handheld diagnostic solutions are emerging. Areas covered: This update of ‘Molecular detection and point-of-care testing in Ebola virus disease and other threats’ [Expert Reviews 2015;15(10):1249–1255], assesses the impact of EVD epidemics, documents insights from recent reviews, summarizes evolving POC molecular technologies, presents General Accountability Office (GAO) recommendations, identifies the role of POC Coordinators, and casts a vision for national POCT policies and guidelines. Factual updating comprised summarizing EVD outbreaks including 2017–2018, analyzing reviews and evidence-based publications since the 2014–2016 epidemic, and tabulating published technical and molecular diagnostics. New graphics illustrate POC error mitigation/risk reduction, a framework for national POCT policy and guidelines, modular adaptations for country-specific solutions, and a logic diagram for future progress embedding artificial intelligence. Expert commentary: The USA is still not prepared for highly infectious diseases. Key is lack of community rapid response and resilience, which must be enhanced not via mechanisms distant, but instead by molecular diagnostics directly at critical points of need.

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  • Ebola and New Threats
  • Epidemics
  • Molecular and Point-of-Care Diagnostics
  • National POCT Policy and Guidelines

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