Mocha tyrosinase variant: a new flavour of cat coat coloration

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A novel coloration named ‘mocha’ has been identified in the Burmese cat breed from Thailand. Tyrosinase (TYR) mutations are known to be associated with coat coloration in cats, such as the sable Burmese, the points of the Siamese and albino cats. Additionally, sable Burmese that produced mocha-colored cats had unexpected genotypes for TYR. Therefore, TYR was considered a candidate gene for mocha in cats. Sanger sequencing for genomic DNA revealed NC_018732.3:chromosome D1:45 898 609_45 898 771dup in exon 2 and intron 2 of TYR. Transcription analysis using cDNA detected c.820_936delinsAATCTC (p.I274_L312delinsNL), which caused a 111-bp (37 amino acid) deletion in the reading frame of TYR. The identified variant was concordant with the phenotype and segregated with TYR variants in a pedigree of 12 Burmese cats. This findings of this study suggest that TYR is associated with the mocha coloration in cats. The new color variant adds to the allelic series for TYR (C > cb = cs > c, c2) and is recessive to full color (C); however, interactions with the cb and cs alleles are unclear due to the temperature-sensitivity of the alleles.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2019


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