Mapping of eight testis-specific genes to mouse chromosomes

Makoto M. Taketo, Yasuhiro Araki, Akihiro Matsunaga, Akira Yokoi, Junji Tsuchida, Yukio Nishina, Masami Nozaki, Hiromitsu Tanaka, Minoru Koga, Kiyama Uchida, Kiyomi Matsumiya, Akihiko Okuyama, Jullie M. Rochelle, Yoshitake Nishimune, Minoru Matsui, Michael F Seldin

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We previously identified eight testis-specific genes using antibodies raised against testicular germ cells. They are expressed during spermatogenesis and are presumed to be involved in testicular germ cell differentiation and sperm formation. We have mapped the genomic loci for these testis-specific genes using restriction fragment length variants in interspecific backcross mice. The calmegin gene (Clgn) was mapped to Chr 8. The synaptonemal complex protein gene 1 (Sycp1) probe hybridized with two sequences on different chromosomes; Sycp1-rs2 was mapped to Chr 3, whereas Sycp1-rs3 was mapped to Chr 7. The relaxin-like factor gene (Rlnl) was mapped to Chr 8, and collapsin response mediator protein 1 (Crmp1) was mapped to Chr 5. Three novel genes encoding testis-specific proteins A2 (Tsga2), A8 (Tsga8), and A12 (Tsga12) were mapped to chromosomes 3, X, and 10, respectively.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)138-142
Number of pages5
Issue number1
StatePublished - Nov 15 1997

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