Local treatment failure after globe-conserving therapy for choroidal melanoma

Melinda Y Chang, Tara A. McCannel

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Local treatment failure after globe-conserving therapy for choroidal melanoma is a surgical complication with significant morbidity to the vision and eye. Few reports in the literature have addressed this complication exclusively. A review of the published literature with reference to local treatment failure in the management of choroidal melanoma was performed to make known the potential differences in failure rates between treatment modalities and methods. A search of the literature regarding local treatment failure was performed to identify relevant studies using combinations of the following keywords on PubMed: uveal melanoma, choroidal melanoma, local recurrence, local failure, endoresection, gamma knife, radiotherapy, helium, iodine, proton, palladium, ruthenium, trans-scleral resection, transpupillary thermotherapy. Further studies were found by searching the text and references of previously identified studies for articles reporting local treatment failure rates in choroidal melanoma. Among the 49 studies identified, the local treatment failure rate ranged from 0% to 55.6%, with follow-up ranging from 10 to 150 months. The two most widely used forms of radiation therapy, iodine-125 and ruthenium-106 brachytherapy, were both associated with a local recurrence rate of 9.6%. The weighted-average of treatment failure in all radiation therapies was 6.15% compared with 18.6% in surgical and 20.8% in laser therapies. Rates of local treatment failure for globe-conserving therapy of choroidal melanoma varied widely between modalities and between centres using similar modalities. Radiation therapy overall resulted in lower local treatment failures compared with surgical or transpupillary thermotherapy.

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Number of pages8
JournalBritish Journal of Ophthalmology
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 1 2013

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