Liver resection and laser hyperthermia

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Table 2 provides a comparison of these interstitial and in situ techniques, assessing several criteria and utilizing and expanding on an excellent review by Masters et al. The rapid advance of technology and cross- fertilization between groups using different interstitial techniques will lead to a clear understanding of the benefits and limits of each. However, there is essentially no information at the present time to suggest that these techniques should be used in lieu of hepatic resection in an attempt to cure patients who are good operative risks. There are insufficient data of a controlled nature to determine that there has been a survival or palliative benefit in many of the patients so treated. Nevertheless, as it is clear that these treatments cause tissue destruction in an appropriate nonmorbid way and that they are well tolerated with low risk to the patients, it is entirely conceivable that interstitial techniques will replace hepatic resection in some instances in the future, particularly for lesions smaller than 3 cm.

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