LARC utilization based on type of medical abortion follow-up at an academic center

Kathleen A. Rooney, Ashleigh E. Denny, Melody Hou, Mitchell D Creinin

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Objective: Compare long-acting contraceptive (LARC) utilization 1 month following a medical abortion among women who chose office or telephone follow-up. Materials and Methods: We performed a chart review of 79 patients in a new medical abortion service. Women chose a 1-week follow-up in-office or by phone. Contraceptive implants could be placed 1 week and intrauterine contraceptives 4 weeks after mifepristone administration. Results: LARC methods were desired by 38% and 44% of women, and received by 27% and 29% of women in the office and phone follow-up groups, respectively (p=.8). Conclusion: The choice of follow-up in-office or by phone did not change the LARC uptake rate. Implications: Women should not be discouraged to follow up by phone due to concern for decreased LARC uptake.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)403-405
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Issue number5
StatePublished - May 1 2015


  • Contraception
  • Follow-up
  • Long-acting reversible contraception (LARC)
  • Medical abortion

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