Knowledge of some aspects of celiac sprue among professors of gastroenterology

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Objective: Because of perceived misconception that celiac sprue is rare in the U.S., faculty members may not be adequately informed about some aspects of celiac sprue. This study surveyed Professors of Gastroenterology at U.S. Medical Schools regarding information about some aspects of celiac sprue. Methods: Only full Professors of Gastroenterology were contacted by telephone. Association of celiac sprue with diabetes mellitus, psychiatric illness and gall bladder and exocrine pancreatic dysfunction was discussed. Each correct answer was assigned 8 points. Group I consisted of Professors at the top 10 Medical Schools; Group II consisted of Professors at other Medical Schools. The survey was conducted from Nov 2003 to May 2004. A score of 16 or above was considered satisfactory. Results: A total of 91 Professors were contacted; participation was 100%. The mean score was 10.2±2.4 (range 0-24). There was no difference in the score between Group I (8.3±2.7; range 0-24) and Group II (10.6±2.2; range 0-24). Conclusions: Knowledge about some aspects of celiac sprue is inadequate among Professors of Gastroenterology.

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