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(-)-Epicatechin protects the intestinal barrier from high fat diet-induced permeabilization: Implications for steatosis and insulin resistance

Cremonini, E., Wang, Z., Bettaieb, A., Adamo, A. M., Daveri, E., Mills, D. A., Kalanetra, K. M., Haj, F. G., Karakas, S. & Oteiza, P. I. Apr 1 2018 In : Redox Biology. 14, p. 588-599 12 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

High Fat Diet
Insulin Resistance

A cluster-randomized trial of a college health center-based alcohol and sexual violence intervention (GIFTSS): Design, rationale, and baseline sample

Abebe, K. Z., Jones, K. A., Rofey, D., McCauley, H. L., Clark, D. B., Dick, R., Gmelin, T., Talis, J., Anderson, J., Chugani, C., Algarroba, G., Antonio, A., Bee, C., Edwards, C., Lethihet, N., Macak, J., Paley, J., Torres, I., Van Dusen, C. & Miller, E. Feb 1 2018 In : Contemporary Clinical Trials. 65, p. 130-143 14 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Sex Offenses
Crime Victims

A community-based One Health education program for disease risk mitigation at the human-animal interface

Berrian, A. M., Smith, M. H., van Rooyen, J., Martínez-López, B., Plank, M. N., Smith, W. A. & Conrad, P. A. Jun 1 2018 In : One Health. 5, p. 9-20 12 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Global Health
Animal Diseases
Communicable Diseases
Animal Housing

A comparison of progesterone assays for determination of peripheral pregnane concentrations in the late pregnant mare

Wynn, M. A. A., Esteller-Vico, A., Legacki, E. L., Conley, A. J., Loux, S. C., Stanley, S. D., Curry, T. E., Squires, E. L., Troedsson, M. H. & Ball, B. A. Jan 15 2018 In : Theriogenology. 106, p. 127-133 7 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


A concise review of the conflicting roles of dopamine-1 versus dopamine-2 receptors in wound healing

Vaughn, A. R., Davis, M. J., Sivamani, R. K. & Isseroff, R. R. Jan 1 2018 In : Molecules. 23, 1, 50

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Stereophonic radio broadcasting

Adropin: An endocrine link between the biological clock and cholesterol homeostasis

Ghoshal, S. , Stevens, J. R. , Billon, C. , Girardet, C. , Sitaula, S. , Leon, A. S. , Rao, D. C. , Skinner, J. S. , Rankinen, T. , Bouchard, C. , Nuñez, M. V. , Stanhope, K. L. , Howatt, D. A. , Daugherty, A. , Zhang, J. , Schuelke, M. , Weiss, E. P. , Coffey, A. R. , Bennett, B. J. , Sethupathy, P. & 3 others Burris, T. P., Havel, P. J. & Butler, A. A. Jan 1 2018 (Accepted/In press) In : Molecular Metabolism.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Biological Clocks
Lipid Metabolism

Adult Spinal Deformity Knowledge in Orthopedic Spine Surgeons: Impact of Fellowship Training, Experience, and Practice Characteristics

Grabel, Z. J., Hart, R. A., Clark, A. P., Park, S. H., Shaffrey, C. I., Scheer, J. K., Smith, J. S., Kelly, M. P., DePasse, J. M., Gupta, M. C., Ames, C. P. & Daniels, A. H. Jan 1 2018 In : Spine Deformity. 6, 1, p. 60-66 7 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Knowledge Bases
Orthopedic Surgeons
Surveys and Questionnaires

A guide to tissue-engineered skin substitutes

Kallis, P. J., Friedman, A. J. & Lev-Tov, H. Jan 1 2018 In : Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. 17, 1, p. 57-64 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Artificial Skin
Wounds and Injuries
Health Expenditures
Patient Selection
Extracellular Matrix

Allogeneic Stem Cells Alter Gene Expression and Improve Healing of Distal Limb Wounds in Horses

Textor, J. A., Clark, K. C., Walker, N. J., Aristizobal, F. A., Kol, A., LeJeune, S. S., Bledsoe, A., Davidyan, A., Gray, S. N., Bohannon-Worsley, L. K., Woolard, K. D. & Borjesson, D. L. Jan 1 2018 In : Stem Cells Translational Medicine. 7, 1, p. 98-108 11 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Fetal Blood
Stem Cells

Alterations in cancer stem-cell marker CD44 expression predict oncologic outcome in soft-tissue sarcomas

Henderson, T., Chen, M., Darrow, M. A., Li, C. S., Chiu, C. L., Monjazeb, A. M., Murphy, W. J. & Canter, R. J. Mar 1 2018 In : Journal of Surgical Research. 223, p. 207-214 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Neoplastic Stem Cells
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
Aldehyde Dehydrogenase

A novel pkhd1 mutation interacts with the nonobese diabetic genetic background to cause autoimmune cholangitis

Huang, W., Rainbow, D. B., Wu, Y., Adams, D., Shivakumar, P., Kottyan, L., Karns, R., Aronow, B., Bezerra, J., Gershwin, M. E., Peterson, L. B., Wicker, L. S. & Ridgway, W. M. Jan 1 2018 In : Journal of Immunology. 200, 1, p. 147-162 16 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney
Genetic Background
Autoimmune Diseases

Antimicrobial activity of curcumin in combination with light against Escherichia coli O157: H7 and Listeria innocua: Applications for fresh produce sanitation

de Oliveira, E. F., Tosati, J. V., Tikekar, R. V., Monteiro, A. R. & Nitin, N. Mar 1 2018 In : Postharvest Biology and Technology. 137, p. 86-94 9 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Listeria innocua
fresh produce
Escherichia coli O157

A purified, fermented, extract of Triticum aestivum has lymphomacidal activity mediated via natural killer cell activation

Barisone, G. A., O’Donnell, R. T., Ma, Y., Abuhay, M. W., Lundeberg, K., Gowda, S. & Tuscano, J. M. Jan 1 2018 In : PLoS ONE. 13, 1, e0190860

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Natural Killer Cells
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
wheat germ

A Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effect of a Double Check on the Detection of Medication Errors

Douglass, A. M., Elder, J., Watson, R., Kallay, T., Kirsh, D., Robb, W. G., Kaji, A. H. & Coil, C. J. Jan 1 2018 In : Annals of Emergency Medicine. 71, 1, p. 74-82.e1

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

A rare ANOS1 variant in siblings with Kallmann syndrome identified by whole exome sequencing

Lopategui, D. M., Griswold, A. J., Arora, H., Clavijo, R. I., Tekin, M. & Ramasamy, R. Jan 1 2018 In : Andrology. 6, 1, p. 53-57 5 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Kallmann Syndrome
Delayed Puberty
Olfaction Disorders

A rare presentation of congenital syphilis: Pemphigus syphiliticus in a newborn infant with extensive desquamation of the extremities

Wang, E. A., Chambers, C. J. & Silverstein, M. Jan 1 2018 (Accepted/In press) In : Pediatric Dermatology.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Congenital Syphilis
Newborn Infant
Skin Manifestations

Assessment of a Novel Adult Cervical Deformity Frailty Index as a Component of Preoperative Risk Stratification

Miller, E. K., Ailon, T., Neuman, B. J., Klineberg, E. O., Mundis, G. M., Sciubba, D. M., Kebaish, K. M., Lafage, V., Scheer, J. K., Smith, J. S., Hamilton, D. K., Bess, S., Shaffrey, C. I., Ames, C. P. & International Spine Study Group Jan 1 2018 In : World Neurosurgery. 109, p. e800-e806

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Length of Stay
Odds Ratio
Confidence Intervals
Patient Satisfaction
Denial (Psychology)
Referral and Consultation

Association of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease with lower brain volume in healthy middle-aged adults in the Framingham Study

Weinstein, G., Zelber-Sagi, S., Preis, S. R., Beiser, A. S., DeCarli, C., Speliotes, E. K., Satizabal, C. L., Vasan, R. S. & Seshadri, S. Jan 1 2018 In : JAMA Neurology. 75, 1, p. 97-104 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Intra-Abdominal Fat
Blood Pressure

A survey of risk factors for digit injuries among dogs training and competing in agility events

Sellon, D. C., Martucci, K., Wenz, J. R., Marcellin-Little, D. J., Powers, M. & Cullen, K. L. Jan 1 2018 In : Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 252, 1, p. 75-83 9 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Wounds and Injuries
Surveys and Questionnaires
risk factors

Automated detection of breast cancer in resected specimens with fluorescence lifetime imaging

Phipps, J. E., Gorpas, D., Unger, J., Darrow, M., Bold, R. J. & Marcu, L. Jan 1 2018 In : Physics in Medicine and Biology. 63, 1, 015003

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Optical Imaging
Breast Neoplasms
Segmental Mastectomy
Adipose Tissue

Bioengineered NRF2-siRNA is effective to interfere with NRF2 pathways and improve chemosensitivity of human cancer cells

Li, P. C., Tu, M. J., Ho, P. Y., Jilek, J. L., Duan, Z., Zhang, Q. Y., Yu, A. X. & Yu, A. M. Jan 1 2018 In : Drug Metabolism and Disposition. 46, 1, p. 2-10 9 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Small Interfering RNA

Biophotonics: The big picture

Marcu, L., Boppart, S. A., Hutchinson, M. R., Popp, J. & Wilson, B. C. Feb 1 2018 In : Journal of Biomedical Optics. 23, 2, 021103

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Direction compound
physical sciences

'Brain health': What is it, what can we do about it and when should we start?

DeCarli, C. Jan 1 2018 In : Nature Reviews Neurology. 14, 1, p. 6-7 2 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewShort survey

cage size
respiratory tract diseases
risk factors

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome: potential mechanisms for the benefit of capsaicin and hot water hydrotherapy in treatment

Richards, J. R., Lapoint, J. M. & Burillo-Putze, G. Jan 2 2018 In : Clinical Toxicology. 56, 1, p. 15-24 10 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Hospital Emergency Service

Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1C regulates cancer cell senescence through mitochondria-associated metabolic reprograming

Wang, Y., Chen, Y., Guan, L., Zhang, H., Huang, Y., Johnson, C. H., Wu, Z., Gonzalez, F. J., Yu, A., Huang, P., Wang, Y., Yang, S., Chen, P., Fan, X., Huang, M. & Bi, H. Jan 9 2018 (Accepted/In press) In : Cell Death and Differentiation. p. 1-14 14 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Carnitine O-Palmitoyltransferase
Cell Aging
Physiological Stress

Cellular Assays for Studying the Fe-S Cluster Containing Base Excision Repair Glycosylase MUTYH and Homologs

Majumdar, C., Nuñez, N. N., Raetz, A. G., Khuu, C. & David, S. S. Jan 1 2018 (Accepted/In press) In : Methods in Enzymology.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

DNA Repair
Escherichia coli

Cerebellar Abiotrophy Across Domestic Species

Scott, E. Y., Woolard, K. D., Finno, C. J. & Murray, J. D. Jan 2 2018 (Accepted/In press) In : Cerebellum. p. 1-8 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Challenges in translation: Models to promote translation

Popp, J., Matthews, D., Martinez-Coll, A., Mayerhöfer, T. & Wilson, B. C. Feb 1 2018 In : Journal of Biomedical Optics. 23, 2, 021101

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


Characterisation of L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1) expression in human skeletal muscle by immunofluorescent microscopy

Hodson, N., Brown, T., Joanisse, S., Aguirre, N., West, D. W. D., Moore, D. R., Baar, K., Breen, L. & Philp, A. Jan 1 2018 In : Nutrients. 10, 1, 23

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

amino acid transporters
skeletal muscle

Characterization of a feline influenza A(H7N2) virus

Hatta, M. , Zhong, G. , Gao, Y. , Nakajima, N. , Fan, S. , Chiba, S. , Deering, K. M. , Ito, M. , Imai, M. , Kiso, M. , Nakatsu, S. , Lopes, T. J. , Thompson, A. J. , McBride, R. , Suarez, D. L. , Macken, C. A. , Sugita, S. , Neumann, G. , Hasegawa, H. , Paulson, J. C. & 2 others Toohey-Kurth, K. L. & Kawaoka, Y. Jan 1 2018 In : Emerging Infectious Diseases. 24, 1, p. 75-86 12 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

H7N2 Subtype Influenza A Virus
Influenza A virus

Close but no cigar: Spatial precision deficits following medial temporal lobe lesions provide novel insight into theoretical models of navigation and memory

Kolarik, B. S., Baer, T., Shahlaie, K., Yonelinas, A. P. & Ekstrom, A. D. Jan 1 2018 In : Hippocampus. 28, 1, p. 31-41 11 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Temporal Lobe
Tobacco Products
Theoretical Models
Spatial Navigation
Mental Disorders

Combination of type II fatty acid biosynthesis enzymes and thiolases supports a functional β-oxidation reversal

Clomburg, J. M., Contreras, S. C., Chou, A., Siegel, J. B. & Gonzalez, R. Jan 1 2018 In : Metabolic Engineering. 45, p. 11-19 9 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Fatty acids
Catalyst supports

Comparative pharmacokinetics of two florfenicol formulations following intramuscular and subcutaneous administration to sheep

Balcomb, C. C., Angelos, J. A., Chigerwe, M., Byrne, B. A., Michael Lane, V., Wetzlich, S. E., Sahin, O., Holler, L., Zhang, S. & Tell, L. A. Jan 1 2018 In : American Journal of Veterinary Research. 79, 1, p. 107-114 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

subcutaneous injection
intramuscular injection

Comparing residence-based to actual path-based methods for defining adolescents’ environmental exposures using granular spatial data

Culyba, A. J., Guo, W., Branas, C. C., Miller, E. & Wiebe, D. J. Jan 1 2018 In : Health and Place. 49, p. 39-49 11 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

spatial data

Conducting Quantitative Medical Education Research: From Design to Dissemination

Abramson, E. L., Paul, C. R., Petershack, J., Serwint, J., Fischel, J. E., Rocha, M., Treitz, M., McPhillips, H., Lockspeiser, T., Hicks, P., Tewksbury, L., Vasquez, M., Tancredi, D. J. & Li, S. T. T. Jan 1 2018 (Accepted/In press) In : Academic Pediatrics.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Medical Education
Biomedical Research
Research Design
Exploratory Behavior

Coronary microvascular Kv1 channels as regulatory sensors of intracellular pyridine nucleotide redox potential

Dwenger, M. M., Ohanyan, V., Navedo, M. F. & Nystoriak, M. A. Jan 1 2018 In : Microcirculation. 25, 1, e12426

Research output: Research - peer-reviewReview article

Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels

Defective GABAergic neurotransmission in the nucleus tractus solitarius in Mecp2-null mice, a model of Rett syndrome

Chen, C. Y., Di Lucente, J., Lin, Y. C., Lien, C. C., Rogawski, M. A., Maezawa, I. & Jin, L. W. Jan 1 2018 In : Neurobiology of Disease. 109, p. 25-32 8 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Rett Syndrome
Solitary Nucleus
Synaptic Transmission
Mouse Mecp2 protein
gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Dental Pathology of the Grey Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)

Evenhuis, J. V., Zisman, I., Kass, P. H. & Verstraete, F. J. M. Jan 1 2018 In : Journal of Comparative Pathology. 158, p. 39-50 12 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Urocyon cinereoargenteus
suspended particulate matter

Discrepancies between Perceived and Measured Cognition in Kidney Transplant Recipients: Implications for Clinical Management

Gupta, A., Thomas, T. S., Klein, J. A., Montgomery, R. N., Mahnken, J. D., Johnson, D. K., Drew, D. A., Sarnak, M. J. & Burns, J. M. Jan 1 2018 In : Nephron. 138, 1, p. 22-28 7 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Disruption of mitochondrial function as mechanism for anti-cancer activity of a novel mitochondriotropic menadione derivative

Teixeira, J., Amorim, R., Santos, K., Soares, P., Datta, S., Cortopassi, G. A., Serafim, T. L., Sardão, V. A., Garrido, J., Borges, F. & Oliveira, P. J. Jan 15 2018 In : Toxicology. 393, p. 123-139 17 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Vitamin K 3
Reactive Oxygen Species

Do Urinary Cystine Parameters Predict Clinical Stone Activity?

Friedlander, J. I., Antonelli, J. A., Canvasser, N. E., Morgan, M. S. C., Mollengarden, D., Best, S. & Pearle, M. S. Feb 1 2018 In : Journal of Urology. 199, 2, p. 495-499 5 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Kidney Calculi

EEG oscillations during word processing predict MCI conversion to Alzheimer's disease

Mazaheri, A., Segaert, K., Olichney, J., Yang, J. C., Niu, Y. Q., Shapiro, K. & Bowman, H. 2018 In : NeuroImage: Clinical. 17, p. 188-197 10 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Word Processing
Alzheimer Disease
Cognitive Dysfunction

Effect of age and castration on serum anti-Müllerian hormone concentration in male alpacas

Ciccarelli, M., Tibary, A., Campbell, A. J. & Conley, A. J. Jan 1 2018 In : Theriogenology. 105, p. 174-177 4 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Anti-Mullerian Hormone
New World Camelids
anti-Mullerian hormone

Effect of sucralose on the enzyme kinetics of invertase using real-time NMR spectroscopy and progress curve analysis

Her, C., Singh, J. & Krishnan, V. V. Jan 2 2018 In : Carbohydrate Research. 455, p. 5-9 5 p.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Enzyme kinetics
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Effect of temperature control on the metabolite content in exhaled breath condensate

Zamuruyev, K. O., Borras, E., Pettit, D. R., Aksenov, A. A., Simmons, J. D., Weimer, B. C., Schivo, M., Kenyon, N. J., Delplanque, J. P. & Davis, C. E. Jan 1 2018 (Accepted/In press) In : Analytica Chimica Acta.

Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle