Immunopathologic effects of silicone breast implants

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Silicone-gel breast implants have been associated with a myriad of autoimmune and connective tissue disorders by anecdotal reports and small observational series. To date, no prospective epidemiologic studies have been done to substantiate these observations, but an increasing body of literature is being developed and older studies are being recognized that point to immunotoxic or inflammatory effects of these breast implant components. The development of disease due to implants would depend on the interaction of genetic host factors so that only a few patients would potentially be at risk. Based on the example of other chemically mediated disorders, such as scleroderma in association with silica exposure, latency periods of more than 30 years before disease develops may be possible. Herein we review studies on silicone and immunity.

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JournalWestern Journal of Medicine
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StatePublished - 1995

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